About Us

Our Story

Founded in 2018 by a dedicated team of tattoo artists, Bheppo is more than just a brand—it’s a reflection of our passion for the art of tattooing. Nestled in the heart of Hamburg, Germany, we’ve experienced firsthand the nuances and intricacies of the tattooing process. This intimate knowledge drives our commitment to crafting superior tattoo process products, aftercare essentials, and equipment tailored to the specific needs of tattoo professionals.

What We Offer

Specially tattoo process and curated aftercare items, ensuring that our customers find everything they need for their tattoo journey under one roof. Bheppo is not just a store; it's a connection, delivering from artist to artist, with solutions that meet your unique needs. But Bheppo is not just for the artists. Every tattoo tells a story, and for the tattoo enthusiasts who wear their stories with pride, we provide the very best in care and comfort.

Our Commitment

Our global presence today, with loyal customers from all corners of the world, is a testament to our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation. At Bheppo, our mission is clear: to constantly evolve and produce groundbreaking products that enrich the tattooing experience for both artists and aficionados alike.

Join Us

Embark on a creative expedition with Bheppo Tattoo Products. Explore our website, and discover a world where artistry meets functionality. Experience the Bheppo difference today!

Bheppo has officially arrived in the USA!

We are now dispatching our premium tattoo supplies from our warehouse in Reno, Nevada, directly to artists across the United States & Canada and Mexico